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Partnership with LaingBuisson

LaingBuisson run the market leading websites; Private Healthcare and DoctorInternet. The websites are well established, attract around 2.5 million visits each year and have become the most popular online destination for patients seeking information about the private healthcare sector. 

The partnership gives clients of both LaingBuisson and PHAST Media access to services at preferential rates.

Preferential rates: 
Any PHAST Media client can take advantage of a profile on the LaingBuisson websites to promote their private practice and will benefit from a 15% discount.

Any LaingBuisson client who is already investing in a profile on their healthcare network will receive a 15% discount on website development costs with PHAST Media.

Find out more: 
PHAST Media clients can speak to us directly to arrange marketing activity on the LaingBuisson websites or can contact them direct quoting “PHAST Media” using the following details:
Steve McAuley
01442 817817

LaingBuisson clients can contact PHAST Media regarding website development services on:
01494 431258