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Website Development for Classic and Custom Works

We might be specialists in healthcare but we do produce websites for businesses in other sectors. Every now and again we get one that feels very unlike work. We are petrolheads here at PHAST Media and the opportunity to work on the website for car restorers Classic and Custom Works has been a joy. 

Classic and Custom Works is a great family business that specialises in the restoration of classic and vintage vehicles. I know the guys at Classic and Custom Works because they’ve done work on a few of my cars over the years so I knew exactly how good they are… unfortunately their website was awful and really didn’t present a fair image of what they do or their commitment to produce work to an incredibly high standard.

So we got to design a site for some guys we know well and had the excuse to go nosing around a workshop with old cars that frankly border on pornography for car nuts like us. Bliss!